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Masterpiece, a Luxemburg based real estate investment Company, is a Private Equity RE Company (MM) that has the sole aim to invest in real estate trophy assets and to develop luxury real estate projects. The S.I.F. is advised by Virtus Finance SA with the support of leading Italian and International institutional investors. Custody and Administrator is Citco Luxembourg and the Auditor is PWC Luxembourg.


Masterpiece aims to raise up the necessary amount which will finance the investments in Mediterranean Real Estate Trophy Assets owned mainly by Private Investors and the development of luxury leisure hospitality complexes.


In the next 5-7 years, Masterpiece aims to become the market leader for acquisition of Trophy Assets and for development / management of luxury resorts, country clubs and hotels in the Mediterranean, always operating in harmony with, and with respect for the territory while applying internationally recognized standards of luxurious taste. The investment objective of MM is to provide shareholders with the highest possible level of capital growth from its portfolio of properties.





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