How we do business

Virtus makes a constant scouting and marketing activities through its network in Italy, Europe and all around the world. Thanks to the great capabilities of its shareholders and of its management, Virtus is able to identify rather, high level real estate opportunites, or peculiar private equity deals, not necessarily known and open to the market.

As soon as an investment opportunity is identified, the Virtus Team analyses all the preliminary data and its financial feasibility, evaluating the returns for the shareholders through a specific process.

The negotiation/transaction is managed directly by the management team, while the contracts are managed by specialized partners and international law firms.

Thanks to partnerships and strategic alliances with leading player in the Hotel & Resort management sector, Virtus maximizes return for its shareholders and owners of real estate properties, placing assets in a high-end niche market.

In private equity, Virtus mainly concentrates on companies with a strong brand/product build-up opportunity and/or market leadership,  and exploits these potentiality thanks to a vast international relationship network of distributors, investors and partners.

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