Who we Are

Virtus Finance is Switzerland based advisory company, founded in 1998 by Emanuele Cisa Asinari di Gresy.

The company provides M&A advise and services, Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management focusing on Real Estate and Private Equity.

A team of specialized professionals with a long dated experience provides full service in embracing challenging deals and opportunistic situations.

What we do

Virtus Finance not only participate to the scouting the selection and the execution process of many deals, but often it also act as investor or co-investor on the specific property and or deals.

Virtus has two core business strictly related one to the other: REAL ESTATE and PRIVATE EQUITY.

In Real Estate Virtus is often involved in the whole process of selection, purchase, development, evaluation and management of the assets. In recent years more attention was focused on the acquisition and development of unique trophy Assets located in the Mediterranean area, for the purpose of converting existing building or developing new sites for high-end luxury hotels & resort brands. Virtus also participate to the development of managed luxury private properties (such as villas and apartments).

Virtus Finance has built a strong relationship with many of the most prestigious hotels and resorts brand around the world, as well as with primary names in the developer and architectural world. These strong relationships help to guarantee excellence in the development and management of the various projects.

Virtus Finance operates also in Private Equity especially with regard to the Italian SME’s segment. Thanks to a deep and trusted relationship network, the company provided access to a vast number of investment opportunities. VF also operates as deal arranger and introducer. In private Equity Virtus also operated for many years as Investor and Investment manager through its specific Virtus Investments affiliate company, holding a direct stake in one of the largest Italian AM.

The company aims now at becoming one of the point of reference in driving new private equity investors into the Italian market, by providing direct full service from scouting market opportunity and arranging a deal, to managing the full investment process including the management of the portfolio companies and performing the best investment return.

How we do business

Virtus makes a constant scouting and marketing activities through its network in Italy, Europe and all around the world. Thanks to the great capabilities of its shareholders and of its management, Virtus is able to identify rather, high level real estate opportunites, or peculiar private equity deals, not necessarily known and open to the market.

As soon as an investment opportunity is identified, the Virtus Team analyses all the preliminary data and its financial feasibility, evaluating the returns for the shareholders through a specific process.

The negotiation/transaction is managed directly by the management team, while the contracts are managed by specialized partners and international law firms.

Thanks to partnerships and strategic alliances with leading player in the Hotel & Resort management sector, Virtus maximizes return for its shareholders and owners of real estate properties, placing assets in a high-end niche market.

In private equity, Virtus mainly concentrates on companies with a strong brand/product build-up opportunity and/or market leadership,  and exploits these potentiality thanks to a vast international relationship network of distributors, investors and partners.